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Each week, we featured a FRONTLINE Facebook fan with an interview and share image about why they love the show. These are consistently one of FRONTLINE’s most popular posts each week, on Facebook and on Instagram.

They’ve been liked over 25,000 times and shared over 4,000 times. “Friday Fans” often become super users of the community — commenting, liking and sharing much more than most fans.

Some of the fans we’ve featured:

Adrienne Silvey — who was so inspired by “The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela” that she quit her job at a Fortune 500 company, traveled to Africa and started a malaria prevention non-profit when she returned home to Raleigh.

Nick Guzzardo — A “serious conservative” in Illinois who’s trying to convince his skeptical friends to watch FRONTLINE — and who first learned about the show from Julia Roberts in “The Pelican Brief.”

Hari Sreenivasan — Reporter and host of PBS Newshour Weekend.

Josh Charles — An actor best known for his ongoing role as Will Gardner in “The Good Wife.” His roles also include Dan Rydell in “Sports Night” and Knox Overstreet in “Dead Poets Society.”

Jane Nye — A longtime Chicago hairdresser who told us she’ll never look at an office building the same way because of “Top Secret America.”

Christian Avard — a reporter in Vermont who told us how “Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero” changed him and his beliefs forever.

Amira Eskenazi — a former head chef for Cirque du Soleil in Hollywood, FL who told us that FRONTLINE had helped raise her by teaching her “about the world for the first time” as a teenager.

Bob Parker — a bartender from Minnesota who says he loves FRONTLINE because it’s the only true reality TV.

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