• charles-sennott

WGBH News and The GroundTruth Project’s New Podcast

developed for WGBH & The GroundTruth Project

Executive Producer and Content Strategy Consultant for WGBH News and The GroundTruth Project’s podcast, “GroundTruth,” that takes listeners to the front lines of the most urgent global issues. The bi-weekly podcast’s richly textured, rigorously reported stories will explore the interconnectedness of today’s world, uncovering deeper themes that international headlines often overlook and revealing surprising ideas from seemingly disparate people and places. It combines the reporting resources of Boston public broadcaster WGBH’s multi-channel newsroom with The GroundTruth Project’s network of correspondents around the world.

– Leading a team of three producers – including a sound designer – to create the GroundTruth podcast pilot for WGBH. The show will feature in-depth international journalism from correspondents on the front lines of conflicts around the world.

– Responsible for show concept, budget, editing, writing, interviewing and team supervision, as well as the partnership with WGBH.

– Pilot planned to launch in September with two twenty-minute episodes on the legacy of the US War in Afghanistan.

  • Client - WGBH & The GroundTruth Project
  • Date Completed - Winter 2015
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